Friday, May 11, 2007

CiCi's Responds!

I would like to first thank Cici's corporate offices for their detailed response to last week's article. The response arrived by email this past Thursday. I applaud CiC's Pizza Buffet for responding. They are the only chain restaurant that I have written about that has taken the time and the concern to reply and answer the concerns that I raised.

I will now present their response as sent and following I will react.

Thank you for your detailed feedback on your visit to CiCi's. We appreciate your comments and suggestions, as we are always open to feedback that will allow us to serve you better.

In answer to some of your concerns, many of our locations do accept credit/debit cards. Most of the stores that do not accept credit/debit cards have ATMs for use. However, there is a nominal fee for their use. It is entirely up to the franchisee which system they use. On the corporate level, we are urging them to move towards the acceptance of credit/debit cards.

The reason we do not label our pizzas is that we offer 16 different varieties and most of our buffets only have room to accommodate 12. They are constantly rotated, with pepperoni being offered at all times. With the rotation process, it is nearly impossible to keep the different pizzas labeled. We always have a server there to answer any questions our guests may have about the pizzas. After several visits, the different varieties are very identifiable and most of our guests don't have any problem finding what they want. You may also order any variety that you would like to have and it will be prepared fresh and delivered to your table in a very short time.

Our goal at CiCi's is to offer our guests exceptional service, beyond what the guest expects, while maintaining a family friendly environment. We are very glad to hear that you enjoyed your visit and hope that you will visit with us again in the near future. It will be our pleasure to have you as our guest.


Pam Goodgion
CiCi's University


Now, apparently, I found one of the Cici's that did not take credit cards, and yes, there was a hand-written paper sign that said ATM available. Of course, with independent ATM fees as they are, bring cash... just in case.

I wish it was made known in the restaurant that one could order any variety and have it delivered to the table. This was not evident in this particular restaurant and we saw no one getting pizzas brought to their table. The idea that there are more varieties of pizza than there is room to serve is great - however - as stated in last week's article, there were several of the same pizza's out at once - and though new pizzas kept coming out, they were still the same. There must be a better system so that there is only one or even two of each type out at one time. Five pepperonis out of sixteen possible pizzas is a lot of pepperoni.

There was no response to devising a system of keeping your table while you go up to the buffet. This was one of the most important points made last week and was a problem for us at Cici's. As I wrote, we went up to the buffet together and returned to the table to find it had been completely cleared away including our soda glasses - still full with soda. Other chain buffets have easily solved this problem and Cici's need only visit an Old Country Buffet, etc. to see how it may be done.

Again, thank you Pam Goodgion of Cici's for truly being concerned about your customers. That is a rare thing lately! I recommend that you try Cici's. A friend with a young daughter was recently in North Carolina and visited a Cici's there. We heard this eleven year old telling someone about where she ate. We asked if it was Cici's and with a big grin she said, "Yes!" She loved it! It is a lot of fun for kids and adults alike. If you live near or visit an area with a Cici's Bizza Buffet give it a try. And then come back here and tell us all about your experience.


Bev said...

We eat at CiCis in Riverview, FL. at least twice a week. They keep fresh, hot pizza on the buffet at all times. The owner and managers see that the restaurant is clean and orderly, also.We tell all our friends about CiCis!

B. Wilson

Anonymous said...

I went our last week to cici pizza and its good. we are in charlotte NC. myself and my friend we both enjoyed a lot. Iam a vegetarian and whatever i asked is been prepared and given to me.. :) though i always remember it doesnot have jalapeno toppings like pizzahut does but it tasts so good :)
They also allow us to get our own hot sauce :)