Monday, September 05, 2005

Golden Corral - Second Time Around

I went to another Golden Corral - this one in Williamsburg, Virginia (one that I have been to before). This Golden Corral was somewhat different than the one that I wrote about in North Carolina. Here there were fewer choices and several of the buffet areas were missing. There was no taco bar. There was no stirfry grill. Many of the barbecue dishes were missing. A lot of the meat dishes were missing. The salad bar was much abbreviated. This all goes to show that there will be differences in this chain from restaurant to restaurant.

In the two other chains that I have written about - Old Country Buffet and Ryan's - one restaurant is pretty much the same as the next. This can especially be said for OCB. I have been to some Ryan's that were smaller than others but the offerings were the same.

The food was still good. In fact the steak here was very good and an effort was made to cook it to order. It was better than the steak that I had in North Carolina. The service was good as well and this server brought a stack of four dishes over to the table at a time and kept them coming along with the drink refills.


Anonymous said...

Try the Old Country Buffet/ Hometown Buffet in Columbus Ohio that was the companys big million dollar remodel store and it has the most food and plate space out of the whole company

Anonymous said...

try the Columbus area Hometown Buffet it has the most choices and hotwell space out of the whole buffets inc family it was their million dollar project