Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Well, we were at our local Old Country Buffet Sunday night and when we got up from the table for desert, we returned to find our table covered in dirty plates. My wife got to the table before I did and she saw a woman placing a dirty plate on the table and walking away back to her own table. Apparently the whole group had done this. Now, we did not know these people, had done nothing to offend them, and had not any interaction with them the entire night.

Old Country Buffet is one of the buffets that clearly marks your table as occupied with a paper slip that you keep on your table until you leave. The paper was quite visible on our table. We made our indignation noticable - though the folks who had done this did not seem to pay any attention. The girl who was cleaning away dirty dishes saw this and came running over - apologizing because she decided it was her fault because she had not had a chance to get over to that table to clean away the plates - but it was not her fault. This was incredibly rude of these people. If they were annoyed at the girl for not getting to clean their dirty plates away, they could have a) gone directly to the girl or b) gone to the manager.

Is another buffet rule necessary for what is basic courtesy? Do we need to say that Rule #15 is Never place your dirty plates on someone else's table? I had hoped that that one would not have been necessary. Perhaps not. Perhaps it needs only be a New York rule. Born and lived in NY all of my life, I find New Yorkers generally rude when compared to the people that I have met in other states.



Alicat said...

Dang, what a bunch of snatches!

David in Gary Indiana said...

Old blog, but commenting. I've seen this at some of my local buffets as well, including Golden Corral in Schererville Indiana. At that Golden Corral, I've usually seen rude servers do this, but sometimes, customers do this as well. Management has condoned the actions, and the franchise owner also condones it. I've gone as far as complaining to corporate about that location, but never heard from them. From what i hear, that because of how that restaurant is run, that it may shut down anyday now. There's few people going to that one now, while the Merrillville Indiana locationhas improved a lot. Maybe better management came in, or someone bought out that franchise from the owners of the Schererville location, and made major changes to that one. But I expect the Schererville location to close. Old Country Buffet up the street beats them on price at luch at $6.99 for adults & $5.99 for seniors (super lunch special, as normal lunch price is $8.09 & $7.69), and always busy at lunch, pls better service, and cleaner.