Saturday, February 25, 2006

Family Cupboard at their New Location

On September 8, 2005 I reviewed a buffet restaurant in Lancaster County, PA called the Family Cupboard. At the time I knew that they were moving location after the first of the new year. I have just gotten back to them at their new location. The restaurant is still located in Lancaster County at the former site of The Amish Barn Restaurant on Route 340, east of Lancaster between Bird In Hand and Intercourse, PA.

Before the move was made the former Amish Barn came under the management of the Family Cupboard. Despite the ownership and the similar menu the Amish Barn was not so good. Now that the actual move has been made the "new" Family Cupboard at the new location is still as good as it was at it's former location. The size of the new location is smaller than the old location by at least half the size. Many of the employees moved with the restaurant - mostly women who were waitresses and some of the front end and back end people. There was one recognizable face - a man - from the Amish Barn - who was not so good before - perhaps he is better now. He was not our server so I cannot pass judgment. The service staff were always friendly at the old location and they still are here. In fact, there is a sign outside looking for service staff and it says "Wanted Friendly Employees".

The new location is on a main tourist road and there will be a strong tourist trade here once the season starts. The former location catered to a local clientele including the Amish. There were Amish dining here tonight, but this is way off season, and they may not come once the tourists appear.

All of the same entrees and sides were offered that were there at the old location. The feature is, as it was, spit roasted chicken. There was also meatloaf, beef in gravy, fried chicken, and broiled cod. The salad bar and desert bars are smaller but the same items are out in smaller serving dishes. There is now a soft serve ice cream machine, but you may also ask your server to bring you the same hand dipped ice creams that were available before. The food is still good. I tend to like the non-tourist locations in this area but this one now is touristy in decor - old timey things on the walls. There is a view of the farmlands out the back windows.

The price is still right - $11.75 per person and $1.25 for unlimited soft drinks. Ask for a frequent diner card and you will get a $10 gift certificate for every $100 in meals spent. If you are in this area, this is a good dinner. The restaurant is open Monday to Saturday until 8:00 pm. It is closed on Sundays. There is a full menu in addition to the buffet. ON the upper floor there is a gift shop and in the lobby there is a bakery counter. There is now a website which is linked at the side of the articles.


cakehead said...

I love your site. I've been grappling with the all-you-can-eat buffet challenge for quite some time. I think we went to the same buffet in Lancaster County. I wrote about my experience last year:

Elaine said...

I absolutely love this blog - what a fascinating topic. I've always wondered about the Do's and Dont's of an All You Can Eat Buffet. Keep up the good work!

Robert A said...

I dined here again recently and was seated in the small dining area adjacent to the entrance. We had a the most rear table in this little area cut off from the main dining room. I was hesitant to accept this table when were were seated by the hostess but since it was crowded and had been waiting for the table I figured that it might be best to take what was available on this particularly crowded Fall Friday evening.

What a mistake! The table was just about totally ignored by our server. Dishes piled up and soft drinks were not refilled until we were able to locate her and get her to stop at our table.

I still feel that this is an excellent buffet, but make sure that you are not seated in the area near the entrance and the counter.