Friday, July 14, 2006

Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp at the OCB - Too Bad!

The Old Country Buffet has a new menu feature and it is served Monday through Saturday nights. It is Five Kinds of Shrimp. It consists of five shrimp dishes - though you might not notice. There was popcorn shrimp, shrimp scampi (shrimp mixed with spaghetti), shrimp Alfredo (shrimp mixed with bowtie noodles with cream and cheese), spiced fried shrimp , and coconut fried shrimp.

Not counted in the five was plain, old fried shrimp - which was just like the popcorn shrimp and the coconut shrimp with insignificant differences. The coconut shrimp sounded promising - as the coconut fried shrimp at the Outback is wonderful. This was mildly coconut flavored with no real appearance of coconut and barely the taste. The popcorn shrimp were just small shrimp minus the tails.

The sign says this joins the regular nightly features. I wish it had. The Thursday night St. Louis Ribs are gone. This is a shame as these were great. The usual Thursday night country fried steak and gravy was also gone. Another disappointment. I went on a Thursday night. I hate to think what is missing from the other night's menus, now that there is shrimp.

To be fair, we went back a second night - there was more of the regular menu items missing and the shrimp was just as disappointing. this shrimp feature is every night except Sundays. I will be going to OCB less until this feature has ended. I hope that it is soon.

All in all, the five shrimp feature is a heart doctor's nightmare - cholesterol galore! It is either fried, in oil, or in cheese sauce. And it is hardly worth it for the taste. This feature is the worst that OCB has ever offered. Bring back barbecue or tex mex - former summer features. Forget the shrimp!

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