Friday, November 10, 2006

Heelies at the Buffet

Have you seen kids rolling around on the heels of their shoes? These are called "heelies" and they have found their way to the feet of children at buffet restaurants. The children scooting around on these things are enough of a hazard, but how about these kids rolling around the buffet servers?!?

We have experienced this several times since this past summer. One night we had a child wheeling his way through the buffet line trying to balance and hold his plate at the same time. Of course, in the process he had no awareness that there were people walking around him trying to carry their plates.

We have spoken before about children at buffets and their treating the restaurant as one large playgound. With the addition of these shoe roller skates,they have become a hazard. So where are the parents? Right there along side or at their table with no concern that the kid is cruising along in a crowded restaurant.

So... a new rule. One that should never have had to been stated. Common sense apparently means nothing. So here goes...

No heelies in buffet restaurants. Parents do not permit your child to wear heelies at the buffet.

How ridiculous!

>Spot any heelies at a buffet? Let us know.

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