Friday, January 12, 2007

A Little Bit of Fame

Just by chance and nothing much more important to do, I was following up on sites with links to this site. I saw one that said CBS News. I clicked and there before me appeared the CBS News Website and an article in the Blogophile section from March 1, 2006. (I just found this - better late than never.) The article is about Food Blogs and reading through, what do I find? Nothing less than this humble website - and not just a one line mention, but a paragraph. According to the author, we are one of the "fun" sites! I am impressed!

With the ten billion blogs in the Internet Universe, I am often amazed that anyone ever finds this one. I know that we have readers because my counter often impresses me week after week. I also get a good number of comments and responses to articles. To find out that a national news organization found the site - and then included it in a story - WOW!

So I shall reveille in my brief moment of glory. If you would like to see the story, here is the link.

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