Friday, April 27, 2007

Still the BEST Dessert Buffet!

A year ago at the end of April, I wrote about a buffet restaurant with two locations in northwestern Maryland and southcentral Pennsylvania. The restaurants are called The Mountain Gate Family Restaurant and one is in Waynesboro, PA and the other is in Thurmont, MD. Basically they are in the same general vicinity but in two different states adjacent. They are family run restaurants with a strong Christian influence. It is a year later and I am in that area again and went back to the Waynesboro location. A year ago I said that this restaurant has the BEST dessert buffet of any buffet restaurant that I have been to and a year later that has not changed.

The buffet dinner has not changed. This time we visited on a Friday night and there were several seafood entrees in addition to carved ham, roast beef, roast pork, barbecue sausages, and fried chicken. There is an abundance of meat offered here along with a good assortment of vegetables, side dishes, and an extensive salad bar. The Friday and Saturday night price is still $11.99 and includes unlimited soft drinks.

The real star here is the dessert section. An entire room sized area is devoted to desserts. In addition, the server offers to bring hard ice cream in many, many flavors (16 to be exact). The ice cream tastes "homemade" and it is, as it comes from a local dairy. They even had a flavor called cotton candy!

On the dessert servers - there are four large tables - you will find five or six fruit pies, several sugar free pies, almost twenty cream and specialty pies, cakes, puddings, jello, fresh fruit, canned fruit, and more. This is extensive and it is all fresh baked and delicious.

If one was in a mind to overdose on sugar and treats this is the place to do it! After the extensive buffet meal there is just so much that you can want, but it is all there for the taking. There are other buffets that have large dessert assortments but no other is like this. It, alone, makes this a restaurant not to be missed. (And in the small out of the way towns that the two restaurants are located in, they are pretty much only known to the locals.)

The service continues to be excellent. The food- all of the food- is great! Even the ice tea is fresh brewed and you can tell the difference by taste.

For more details about this restaurant see my article of April 30, 2006. There is no website but the phone numbers are Waynesboro 717-765-6772 and Thurmont 301-271-4373. Hours for the dinner buffet are 4:00 pm to 9:00 pm (though the restaurants are open later).

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