Friday, May 18, 2007

The Family Cupboard Expands

In February 2006 I reviewed a buffet restaurant in Lancaster, PA that had then moved to a new location. On a visit last week, we were delighted to find that the restaurant expanded its space.

The new expansion is an additional room that opens to the rear of the restaurant. What is so nice about this room is that it is very light and airy. The main room of this restaurant is dark and rustic with wood beam decor. This new room is modern in design with a cathedral ceiling and a large picture window looking out onto the farmlands beyond.

Since its move this restaurant has still offered the same, good food that it has been serving for a number of years. The former location shared a parking lot with a motel and both the motel and restaurant were located on a back farm road in the middle of Amish farm fields. The new location is more centrally located on a main tourist route and though it backs on farmland, it is more on the road than among the farms. The main dining room looks out toward the road from two sides. While you are facing neighboring shops and fields, the road is ever-present in the view. The atmosphere does not reflect in any way on the excellent food, but I have missed that former location. The dining room was more open and bright. (The buffet restaurant that has taken its place at the old location does not compare.) BUT, with this new room this has changed! The room helps not only in more dining area (there is often a short wait to get into this restaurant on or off season), but also in the bright, farmland atmosphere that is once more a part of the restaurant.

The menu here rarely changes. (A good thing.) The feature is rotisserie chicken and it is good! There is also broiled fish, fried chicken, beef chunks in brown gravy, meat loaf or ham loaf, and sliced ham. There are many fresh vegetables and side dishes to choose from. There are two soups. There is a salad bar with tossed salad fixings and a variety of local prepared salads. There is a dessert bar and two varieties of ice cream - soft serve (serve yourself) and hard ice cream brought by your server on request. Cooking has always been done by Amish women and I am sure that has not changed.

This restaurant attracts locals and tourists and it is not uncommon to be dining next to an Amish family with their horse and buggy tied up at a hitching post in the parking lot. Good food, now better atmosphere (let me say here - the main dining room is nice too!).

If you are in the Lancaster, PA area, visiting, or driving through, try the Family Cupboard Restaurant and Buffet. It is located on Route 340 between Bird-In-Hand and Intercourse. (Yes, those are names of REAL towns!) There is a link at the side of the articles to the restaurant's website.


Adrian said...

This place is a close second to Bird-in-Hand in my book- quite good and quite the value.

Robert A said...

Due to the economy, The Family Cupboard has instituted winter hours. From January to April 1 they close at 7:00 pm. From April through December they close at 8.