Friday, July 20, 2007

Plainville Farms Restaurant, Cicero, New York

One of our readers suggested this buffet and while I am in New York, this restaurant is located near Syracuse at the top of the state, while I am down at the bottom of the state a good eight to nine hours away. While other state's interstate roadways and turnpikes can get you through most of the state directly, a trip "upstate" New York is a tiring journey from highway to side roads to streets and hopefully back to highways (but not always). From my home it is easier and quicker to get to and through three other states than it is to get to "upstate" New York - not to mention the high tolls. Anyway - back to the Plainville Farms Restaurant. If I ever have a need to head up to this part of New York, I definately want to try this buffet restaurant.

This restaurant is "Thanksgiving Dinner" everyday! They serve a full, real Thanksgiving dinner with all of the traditional American trimmings in their buffet daily and they serve the buffet in different ways. There is a regular, "all you care to eat" buffet dinner (and lunch) of the full turkey dinner that includes hand carved turkey, real mashed potatoes, a variety of vegetables including hubbard squash, stuffing, gravy, homemade soups, salad bar and all of the rest that you might expect. The lunch price until 4, Mondays through Saturday is $9.39. After 4:00 pm until closing at 9:00 pm the dinner costs $12.99 with as senior price of $11.29. Children six to twelve pay $5.99. For those who do not care for turkey you can enjoy the salad and soup bar (there is going to be homemade turkey soup - they are know for this and I will explain more about the turkey later). This is $7.59 all of the time. Maybe you want the Thanksgiving dinner but you don't care to eat a lot. You can get a one plate buffet - one trip and one plate up to the buffet to take what you can fill the plate with - and this costs just $8.39 Lunch and $10.39 Dinner. This is not available on Sundays or holidays. There is also a Sunday Breakfast buffet with all of your breakfast favorites until Noon on Sundays for $8.99. For those who want to have a menu meal instead, there is also menu service and you can add the salad and soup bar to the entree for just $2.99 extra.

Soft drinks and coffee are extra. Soft drink prices are high at a $1.89 and coffee is $1.39. Both are refillable.

The restaurant can seat 300 and looks very pleasant and welcoming. It is on the road and appears to be backed by farm fields - yes, there are farms in NY.

To understand why the emphasis on TURKEY here, you need to know about who owns and operates this restaurant (which is a single location and not a chain). Plainville Farms Restaurant is owned and operated by Plainville Farms, a family owned business that grows turkeys and produces several commercial turkey products including roasting turkeys, delicatessen slicing turkey breast in a variety of plain and seasoned selections, deli ham, bologna, and fresh turkey meat (chopped, cutlet, etc.). These products are available in stores across the country. People rave about these turkeys as the "best"! So it is not hard to understand why this turkey company would serve their finest in their own restaurant - and make Thanksgiving Dinner a daily occurrence. By the way, this is no small outfit - they also own a large feed company.

As I have said, I have not been to this restaurant and I have never tried one of their products. One of our readers wrote and told me that this is a MUST TRY. I take that readers word for it - and based upon the website, this buffet looks great, especially for a turkey lover which I am.

The address of the restaurant is 8450 Brewerton Road, Cicero, New York and their
phone number is (315) 699-3852. They have a website, which is included at the side of our site.

If you have been there or you try it, please post a comment and tell us all about it!


Gina said...

Absolutely check out the Plainville Farm Restaurant in Cicero. If you're in the mood for a Thanksgiving feast and want to meet some wonderful waitstaff in a very family-friendly setting, you do not want to miss this place! Plus the turkeys are raised locally, in Plainville, NY - within an hour (probably less) of the restaurant. In the lobby, you can see the hydroponically grown vegetables, smell them baking their incredible spice (???) cake (which is served warm with pats of real butter when they seat you) and just generally die of anticipation.

Anonymous said...

i live in nassau county, ny and if you avoid rush in the city, it takes me a little over 4 hours to get to Plainville -- GWB to I-80 to I-81 and you're there. i have driven to every corner of new york and once you start to look beyond the highways, you can't believe how much cool stuff there is. but this is just to say that it's worth heading to Plainville. the turkey tenders and turkey noodle soup rock my world. I'm driving there this morning, from Rochester, on my way home.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely the best Turkey buffet and gotta be the best value around