Friday, May 23, 2008


It has been said that there is no such thing as a free lunch. But that is not always true at some buffets. Not only can you get a free lunch but also a free dinner.

Did you know that many of the chain buffets are giving away free and discounted meals? Many of the chains are offering coupons on the internet that are emailed to you. Some have coupons on their websites. Here are some of the free and reduced price meals that you can get.

Old Country Buffet has a club that you can join on their website and also at the restaurant by filling in a form at the cashier. The club is free to join. Upon joining you will be emailed a coupon for a free meal. During the month of your birthday you will receive another coupon by email for a free meal during that month. Periodically you will receive other emails from OCB with other coupons. Just print them out and take them to any of the OCB owned or franchised restaurants and pay for your meal with the coupon. The most recent deal; has been a three coupon offer email for breakfast, lunch, and dinner at reduced prices when you buy a like dinner. Not only are these coupons good at Old Country Buffet but they are also good at Ryans and Fire Mountain.

Another chain that has a "club" is Souper Salads. You can read here about my great meal at one this past summer. Though none of these restaurants are local to me I joined the club to see what I would get. I wish I had one of these soup and salad buffets nearby because they email me great coupons for money off and free meals on a regular basis! If you are local to a Souper Salad this is one of the best coupon clubs of all.

Ponderosa has a club that will email you coupons, but at Ponderosa you must list a specific restaurant location when you join the on-line club. The coupons that you receive are only good at that location. Ponderosa is one of those odd chains that is supposed to be like the other buffet chain restaurants, but they feature their buffet more like a condiment to a menu ordered entree. They do frequently email special offers with coupons.

The Prime Sirloin Family Restaurants - a steak buffet chain - does not have an email club but they do have coupons on their website. The offers change every so often. Currently the coupon is for a free beverage with the buffet.

Souplantation/ Sweet Tomatoes chain has a club on their website called Club Veg. Join this club and you will receive emails with special promotions, coupons, and special member only event invitations.

There are offers from non-chain buffets as well. The Oregon Dairy restaurant has a club called "Gold Card Promotions". You present your card when you dine and you will receive free meals after so many meals are purchased along with offers good in the supermarket that this restaurant is attached to.

The Family Cupboard in Pennsylvania also has a card that you can apply for at the cashier. The card is free and when you present your card when you pay for your dinners you receive a coupon for $10 off a meal with every $100 that you spend. If you frequent this restaurant that is not a hard thing to achieve.

Many local buffets, especially in tourist areas, will offer coupons in local newspapers and papers and magazines focused on the tourists that visit the area. This is especially true in the Lancaster, Pennsylvania area where you can find coupons for almost every buffet that is located there. There are frequently coupons for Bird-in-Hand Family Restaurant, Yoders, Millers Smorgasbord, and others. Here is a LINK that will get you printable coupons for several of the buffet restaurants in Lancaster, PA. Shady Maple never has coupons but they always give you a free dinner on your birthday - just prove it.

With buffet prices rapidly increasing along with everything else, every little bit saved and every meal that you can get for free is a big deal. So join all the clubs - even if the restaurant is not local to you. You never know when you will be heading near one - and you just might be lucky enough to get a coupon in your email.

If you know of any other special offers, comment and share them with us!


Robert A said...

Quick update - Yoders in Lancaster, PA is currently offering a punchcard to buy four and get the fifth buffet free. The offer is good until July 31, 2008.

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