Friday, June 13, 2008

What Happened to the Specials?

Over the past several months on my visits to Old Country Buffet it has struck me that there are no specials any more. For several years and more there have been specials that would last for a month or two with a special featured theme. Barbecue was Old Country Buffet's best and would make its appearance for June and extend part way, if not all the way, through the summer. There have been seafood themes -among them the infamous, "Shrimp, Shrimp, Shrimp", there were Tex-Mex themes, and others. But recently, nothing.

This made we curious to look at the other Big Two - which actually is only a Big One since Ryans follows Old Country Buffet. I looked at Ryans' website anyway and, as I suspected, there was no mention of any specials. I headed on over to the Golden Corral website - and what did I find? "The Captain's Shrimp and Seafood Table". Ahh... Golden Corral comes through with a special theme feature that is available every night for dinner.

The Captain's Shrimp and Seafood Table consists of crab cakes, which they state are "freshly-made", golden fried shrimp, and a variety of seafood entrees that are broiled, baked, or fried. As is common with any themed special, it is available for a limited time.

So why is Old Country Buffet not offering themed specials? Let's speculate. Old Country Buffet is in the midst of a bankruptcy proceeding. They are also trying very hard to bring in customers. Not only am I getting multiple coupon offers from their email mailing list, but I am also getting multiple coupons in the mail. These coupons are offering adult dinners when purchased with one for under $7.00. There are also offers for free children's dinners, discounted lunches, and discounted breakfasts. Are they feeling that discounted price offers will bring in business more than a featured special?

For whatever reason, they are not announcing any special featured meals. That is too bad. I always look forward to the Barbecue theme this time of the year. They do have the best Baby Back Ribs and Kansas City Ribs of any of the chain buffets. They are pretty close to those that I have had a real barbecue restaurants. (Yes, I actually do like some things at OCB.) The only "special" listed on OCB's website is to join them for Father's Day - and when you follow that link they are stating no special menu, just the usual Sunday fare - which means, in my area, no steak. (Don't you think Dad should at least get steak on Father's Day?)

Golden Corral is also offering lunch specials that are different every weekday. Monday is Wild Wings. Tuesday is Italian. Wednesday is Mexican. Thursday is Kabobs. Friday is "Tasty Tenders". They also have no additions to their breakfast buffet. (In an article in the future I am going to write about Breakfast Buffets, a topic that I have only mentioned and never detailed.)

So, I am keeping my fingers crossed that Barbecue will make an appearance once again sometime this summer at OCB. If I get to a Golden Corral (not likely for a month or so) I will let you know how their Seafood Special stacks up!

Take Dad to a buffet on Sunday for Father's Day!

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