Friday, March 27, 2009

New Seafood Feature Menu at Golden Corral

Golden Corral is a very smart company. While Old Country Buffet/Buffets, Inc. struggles, Golden Corral has a national television advertising campaign to get out the word that they have a new "limited time" feature menu - "The Great American Seafood Tour". Smart folks at Golden Corral are doing something to bring in business during this economic period when restaurants across the country are reporting a drop in business.

I have not yet been to a Golden Corral for the Seafood Tour, but hope to before this feature is over. The feature includes what they are calling "all of your seafood favorites". These are Crunchy Hawaiian Coconut Shrimp, Hand-made Maryland Style Crab Cakes, and All American Hand Battered Fried Fillets of Fish.

A similar feature was offered this past summer and I did have an opportunity to try it. As I wrote in my article in August 2008, the fish on that feature at Golden Corral was very good. At that time there were the crab cakes and two different fried fish. As I wrote at the time the only thing I questioned was whether the crab in the crab cakes was real crab or the "krab" substitute. I am not certain that a restaurant can call something crab if it is not.

As then and I am sure now, this has got to beat Old Country Buffet's "Seafood Fridays" hands down. There is nothing special about the OCB Seafood Friday's buffet offerings. And the seafood that is there is not that good. Just looking at the television commercial depiction of the Crunchy Hawaiian Coconut Shrimp is enticing. It makes me want to figure out an excuse to travel the 160 miles to the nearest Golden Corral.

If you are near a Golden Corral go in for the Seafood Tour. Come back here and leave a comment to tell us all about it.

On a side note - while writing this article I went to the Golden Corral website to check on the Golden Corral in Lebanon, PA that I wrote about in August 2008 in The Mystery of the Golden Corral. Well, the mystery deepens - the Lebanon, Pennsylvania Golden Corral is no longer on the list. It appears to have disappeared - AGAIN. As I jokingly wrote, ending that article - it has faded again into the mist.


Anonymous said...

I'm very inspired upon reading your blog and I like it. I admit I love to eat Steaks and usually I went to Golden Corral. The staff of the restaurant provides better recipes and service for the satisfaction of customers. That is why they are number 1 for 12th consecutive year in the family buffet grill segment by Nation's Restaurant News. For what I have discover in another portal I found a lot of information about the restaurant. You can have it here – Golden Corral

Robert A said...

Watch this site in the next few weeks for a review of the Golden Corral Seafood Feature AND a new Golden Corral location!

Zachary said...

ocb Makes Tv ads too I just havent seen any since after the bankruptcy but they should spend more money to get more spots
there is supposed to be a kids eat for 1.99 ad running in my area right now I guess and they hid the their bacon wrapped sirloin to only tuesday dinner they like the customers who visit them everyday the most

goddessoflubbock said...

I live in Lubbock TX but grew up in PA and miss the good eating in Lancaster.

We go to Golden Corral frequently as it's a good value when you're feeding teenage boys.

I've been there for the famous seafood nights - admittedly only at the Lubbock, TX location, but it was pitiful. The "crab cakes" were rock hard and lacked any taste of crab at all. The shrimp were deep fried, but hadn't been deveined first.

I ended up sticking with my usuals, broiled tilapia and string beans.

Their big meat bonanza is just as disappointing, with steak wrapped in bacon that is undercooked and fatty.

Robert A said...

There is a lot of variation from one Golden Corral to another. The staff and management can make or break a restaurant.