Friday, October 23, 2009

Expanding Our Locales

Recently you may have noticed that I have been writing about buffets in parts of the country that I am not able to get to. It is important to expand the scope of this site beyond the East Coast US and inform people across the country - and around the world about buffets that they could try when they are traveling or where they live. Some will say, well if he has not been there why should we read this and why does he bother writing about it. My answer to that is if I had not written about it you may not have ever known about that buffet, and if it is one that you may be near or at some time travel to be near, perhaps you will try it. This site can be a resource for all to find and discover new buffets where they live or where they plan to travel.

I would like to continue writing about these buffets that I have not yet found or may not be able to get to, but I would like your help. I would like you to share buffets that you have been to or know about in your area or areas you have traveled through. I will then write articles - give you credit, if you wish - and share these restaurants with all of our readers.

How do you do this? If you want to share a buffet restaurant use the contact link at the side of this page to send an email to me and tell me all about the restaurant. Please be sure to include the name and location of the buffet, the website (if there is one), your experience there (if you have been there) and anything else you can tell me about the buffet - prices, hours, food, etc. Don't use the Comments at the end of this article - I will not publish those comments. I will use the comment's content to find the restaurant, but it is easier to just use the email link at the side.

If I can get enough information to write a useful article about the buffet, it will appear at some point on this site. If I only can get scant information, there may be articles that will just mention names and locations of several of these buffets.

Does this mean I am not going to buffets anymore? Of course, NOT! I just want to expand our horizons a bit!

JUST A SIDE NOTE - Every so often I learn about a buffet restaurant that when I search customer reviews turns out to not be so good. I hesitate to write about a restaurant that is not good, yet, I wonder if I should be telling you places to avoid - even if I have not been there. I do not want to harm any buffet's business because of negative reviews that are not mine and therefore may or may not be accurate. I would like your opinions on this and what I should do - write about them with a remark that they may or may not be good OR skip them all together. Send me emails about this too!

Thanks to all for continuing to read this site and thanks to all who already have and will email buffets to me!


Helen said...

Robert, Love your writings. Thanks so much for sharing them with everyone. Could you recommend a place to take 6 year old triplets and hubby for dinner tonight in the Wantagh/Levittown area? I was going to try the Old Country buffet but am afraid we will be disappointed there. ANy suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Helen

Robert A said...

Helen - Tough one. Here is one suggestion if you like Italian. First read this article about the restaurant = (cut and paste into your browser)

Then call them - very important to call them - here is their website - (again cut and paste)

You must ask them if they still serve the buffet on Thursday nights - as it was when I went they never mention this buffet in any ads or the website and there have been recent ads with still no mention. I suspect that they do not serve it any longer. If they do, it was small - as you will read in the article but the food was good. This is in Wantagh on Wantagh Avenue south of Jerusalem Ave. Pasta, a meat or two and that is about it there but interesting and not a problem for kids because basically it is a typical pizza place.

There is a Chinese buffet in East Meadow but I would not recommend it.

The Old Country Buffet in Levittown has improved some with new managers. There will be an article about it in the next few weeks. Things are a bit better there. The new guys are more attentive to the guests and the buffet. It is not terrible (we still go) - probably more choices for six year olds (pizza, fried chicken, ice cream). Thursday is bbq beef ribs and there is steak, along with all of the usual menu choices at OCB.

There is International - near Roosevelt Field. Much, much more expensive.

I wish there were more - (I would be happier too!)

Let us know where you go and how it went.