Friday, April 02, 2010

A Reader Speaks Out to Support Buffet Europa

I get a lot of comments and emails telling me how those of you near Buffet Europa have enjoyed this buffet. I just received an email from one of our readers who is passionate about keeping this restaurant going and had some ideas to share. Since this is my forum arena for such as that I want to share with you what this reader wrote. Now, please understand, that there is NO indication what so ever that there is any idea that Buffet Europa is not doing just as fine as it can - and may be very happy with how business is. But, not seeing this gem of a restaurant packed as it SHOULD BE we have concern - and we do not want to lose this wonderful place. So - here is what this reader wrote -

I live about 20 minutes away from Buffet Europa. First let me say I almost never go on e-mail and it's taking a great effort for me to type this. That being said, you can tell I feel passionately about Buffet Europa!!!!

Buffet Europa is AWESOME and everything you say about it is true: food authentic, fresh, hot and delicious; owners warm and friendly; restaurant clean (including bathrooms); atmosphere nice with soft, pleasant music playing in the background; and EVERYTHING included for about $16!!! ( I go on weekends). I can't understand why there aren't more people enjoying this FABULOUS restaurant :( It makes me sooooo sad because I fear it will close and we will lose this gem.

I have had the same experience as you i.e. being almost the only (and often THE only) occupied table in the restaurant no matter what time of night I go whether it be a Friday or Saturday. I "psych" myself up to go in even if I feel it will be awkward. When I peek through the window just before I enter, I hope there will be some other diners there to take the "spotlight" off my family and me. We continue to go despite the awkwardness because the food is so spectacular!!!

Now..what to do about would think "word of mouth" advertising might be enough..apparently not so. They do advertise locally but that doesn't seem to have helped either. When I asked about putting up a sign on Route 1, they said that they weren't allowed to ( I don't remember the reason). Maybe the LOCATION i.e. New Brunswick is the problem!!

I'm certainly not a city planner nor do I claim to know anything about the restaurant business BUT maybe they should move to a place where they would be more greatly appreciated. A sign of a good Chinese restaurant is that it is populated by Chinese people, so perhaps in that same way, a GREAT Polish restaurant like Buffet Europa would benefit by being in a Polish area. For example, Linden N.J. has a BIG Polish population who would really appreciate FABULOUS Polish food without having to cook, clean, etc. I know Buffet Europa's concept is to provide new dining experiences for the general public, but this idea apparently isn't working too well and we all don't want them to close!! ( Also, selfishly speaking, Linden is close enough to us so we could still eat there!!).

Of course, I haven't discussed this with the owners; it is kind of awkward, and in addition, I don't know the conditions of their lease or any other factors that might affect their decision with respect to the business. BUT pardon the pun, it is definitely food for thought.

Here's to saving Buffet Europa!!!

Great ideas and certainly all true. I know that this site has had some influences and I am hoping that what this reader has written and what I have written about this wonderful restaurant will have some positive influence on business at Buffet Europa. I also know that the owners have read some of the articles here about their restaurant and hopefully some of the ideas here - and our support will reach them. No matter what we want to be able to continue to enjoy this restaurant for a long time to come! (Now, I have to go and check to see if Linden is easy for me to get to when I go to NJ...)

Buffet Europa is located at 1000 Arron Road, North Brunswick, New Jersey 08902. Their telephone number is 732-940-1122. They do have a website and the link is listed at the side of this page.


mario said...

Robert, this is our next to buffet even if its going to be a day trip coming from LI

Freedomquests said...

We tried this buffet on Friday, April 2. We have 4 children and always dine out at buffets and look to this blog for recommendations when traveling. We were a bit fearful when we arrived at the height of the dinner hour and there were only 2 other customers. However, the food was fresh and more kept coming. Every positive comment made about this place is true! No ordinary fare was offered here but rather unique and delicious desserts and entrees rarely found at buffets but more likely to be found at "better" menu restaurants. All 6 of us went away happy (my children range in age from 4 to 15 years). By the time we left, a family of 4 and then an elderly gentleman arrived. In talking with the owner, he said that business declined when the economy went bad and that they are trying to weather the recession. PLEASE, PLEASE don't let this gem fade. TRY IT! I agree, though, that the place needs better marketing and that you would never know the gem that awaits you from the bland outside.

Robert A said...

Oh so TRUE! The restaurant actually closed for a few days at the beginning of May which gave some concern that they would not reopen but apparently they were doing renovations and opened again on May 4th!

Freedomquests said...

My husband suggested that perhaps we could go to Buffet Europa for Mother's Day (unfortunately because it probably wouldn't be so overcrowded). I remembered that they were not open on Sundays but called anyway. BUFFET EUROPA WILL BE OPEN FOR MOTHER'S DAY AND IS RUNNING A $10 PER PERSON SPECIAL ALL DAY -- 11 AM TO 9 PM! Well, it turns out that my husband is probably stuck with having to work on Mother's Day and barring a miracle we will not be able to go, but I hope some of you consider this spot.

Robert A said...

Wow! What a deal for Mother's Day. I wish it was not a two hour drive and so much money in tolls!

Happy Mother's Day!