Friday, May 21, 2010

Big Ed's BBQ, Old Bridge, New Jersey

A few weeks ago we found a barbecue restaurant in New York City that has an "all you can eat" feature. One of our readers has shared with us another barbecue restaurant in New Jersey that also offers all you can eat barbecue.

The restaurant is Big Ed's BBQ and it is located in Old Bridge, New Jersey. Understand that this is not a buffet restaurant, but a menu service restaurant. They do have All You Can Eat Barbecue Ribs every day at lunch. They also have a special Fall feature of All You Can Eat Barbecue Ribs every night during the months of October and November.

I have not eaten at this restaurant - yet. But one of our readers has and described Big Ed's in glowing terms along with the great barbecue he has eaten there. Big Ed's gets glowing reviews from such publications as the New York Times all the way to Zaggets. They claim to be the "best ribs in New Jersey".

Lunch at Big Ed's features All you can eat ribs - listed as BBQ, Honey BBQ, Cajun Dry Rub or Hot & Spicy and this comes with one side dish and a salad for just $9.99. I am told that you have your choice of baby backs, St. Louis, or Spare. That is pretty good - even if it is lunch. This is served from 11:30 am to 3:30 pm. The food is served to you - you do not go up and get it yourself. When you want more you have to ask for it and it will be brought to you at your table.

The big event of the year is an annual occurrence that they call "Ribtoberfest" and is from October 1 to November 30. This is an all you can eat dinner that includes a side dish and salad and either BBQ Baby Backs or Spare Ribs. It includes soda and everything is refilled as you ask for it - again, served to you at your table. There is no sharing, of course. I do not know a price for this meal. If you are going and concerned about price I would call first.

The food really does sound good. The sign of good barbecue ribs - to me at least - is that the meat just fall off the rib bones - no gnawing, no scraping. Just melt in your mouth fall off the bone. Listen to what our reader told me "I eat the baby backs with a knife and fork, and when I'm done, the bones are ready for a museum display. They're that clean." Yes, that is exactly how they should be.

The restaurant has a menu that has a lot of other types of barbecue and also chicken, seafood, and beef. There are combination platters along with entrees. There is also a kid's menu. But the reason that we are writing about this here is their ALL YOU CAN EAT RIBS.

The photos of the restaurant show this to be a fun and typical BBQ place for the whole family with a country theme. The building is made to look like a farm/red barn with lots of country cut outs, a tractor, and such outside. There are outdoor tables in addition to the dining room.

Can't wait to try it!

As this is not a regular buffet or AYCE restaurant I am not including the link to their website on the side list of buffets but I am putting it right here - BIG ED'S BBQ . Check the website for money-off coupons.

Big Ed's BBQ is located at 305 Route 34, Old Bridge, New Jersey. The phone number is (732) 583-2626.


Wallene said...

$9.99 is a deal for ribs, especially if they are fall off the bone good. You can't get a half a rack for lunch here for that.

I love that NJ has ribs and they are good - bet the owner is a transplant. :D

Ryan Resko said...

hey, I fell upon your page while looking for a buffet in williamsburg. I live down the street from Makkoli and can tell you the locals absolutely love it. Many of my friends go there weekly. I go about twice a year, which is a lot since I only eat out two or three times a month.

One day I was doing a conservation project in the woods behind Big Ed's. Having to smell the delicious scent coming from the restaurant all day was torture. Needless to say I went with some friends that night. Our experience was mixed. Almost everything was overpriced, overcooked, soggy, cloying, and the fries were limp. No one enjoyed their meals except for me. I got the ribs and I can honestly say they were the best I have ever had. The sauces were excellent and the meat dripped off the bones. I would recommend going there for the ribs and the excellent service.

Robert A said...

Thanks for the comment on Big Ed's. If you are heading for Williamsburg, VA you want to go to Captain George's buffet for seafood and Peking Buffet for Asian. Both are not to be missed! If you are there on Friday or Saturday night try the Colonial Williamsburg Lodge for the buffet. Also check if CW's colonial Shield's Tavern is having the summer weekend all you care to eat family meal - this has been an on and off offering during certain months.

Ryan said...

I think we'll try Peking first. Thank you very much for the suggestions and the wonderful blog. The posts are very well written and entertaining. I will definitely bookmark!