Friday, July 23, 2010


On June 4, 2010 I wrote an article here announcing that the wonderful buffet restaurant, Buffet Europa was sold to new owners. I have just been informed by one of our readers that there is now a sign on the front of the restaurant that says: "Coming Soon: Mediterranean and Turkish Restaurant". What was and had been Buffet Europa is now gone.

While this would not usually be deserving of its own article, but rather, perhaps, a comment on one of the other articles about this buffet, this little gem of a buffet was getting a following from our readers - perhaps too few and too late - but a following never the less, and it is important that all know that if they go there now, they are not going to find the buffet there any longer.

The website for Buffet Europa is still running. It has not been updated but when one looks at it it appears that all is open and the same. But this may be that the website was never transferred to the new owners or if it was it has not been maintained. The link to that site has been removed from the side of this page.

I could lament the loss of Buffet Europa but anyone who follows this site already knows how I and many feel. There really should be no surprise to any of us as we all have commented on the sad lack of business that this restaurant received despite how good the buffet was.

The new restaurant that is coming to this location may be very good. It doubt that it will be a buffet, but if it is we would all love to hear about it and please leave a comment below or contact me.

If the original owners ever do open a new "Buffet Europa" I hope that they will contact me through this site and let us know where it is. It will certainly become a priority trip!

So if you were heading to Aaron Road in North Brunswick, New Jersey for a meal at Buffet Europa you will not find it when you get there.

So sad...


Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say that we first went to Buffet Europa after reading about it here. It was excellent. A few weeks ago, we decided to go back but luckily called first since it was almost an hour away. It has been replaced by a mediterrean place. I still can't figure out why North Jersey only has chinese smorgasbords..

Robert A said...

As you see by this article - yes, Buffet Europa is gone - very sad, but true.

While similar to Chinese - there is a nice Japanese buffet called Minado in Northern NJ. Search this site for my review.