Friday, February 11, 2011

Golden Corral Feature - Beef Lover's Special

The latest special menu feature to come to Golden Corral is the Beef Lover's Celebration. And, of course, what else would this entail but lots of wonderful beef dishes.

Golden Corral still has special features to add to their buffet through out the year. Old Country Buffet and Ryan's no longer do. Golden Corral knows how to vary their buffet offerings and bring customers back who have not visited in a while or give regulars something different. The current feature for a limited time centers around beef.

I have not yet had an opportunity to try out this feature, but when I saw the television commercial for this my first reaction was "Oh, Boy!". The centerpiece of this feature is steak and Golden Corral has taken the lead in chain buffet steak with just their regular flame grilled steak offered regularly on the buffet - cooked to order, hot off the flames, and into your plate. With this feature they are adding several additional steak entrees.

One of the steaks being features is Brazilian Carved Churassco Steak. I have written about Brazilian Churassco all you can eat restaurants on this site. These restaurants flame cook a variety of meats on long skewers and then walk from table to table with the skewers and carve the meat onto your plate at your request. Golden Corral is bringing this style of cooking and steak to their $10 buffet. Golden Corral is skewering and flame cooking steak that has been marinating for 48 hours. The steak is served from the skewer to your plate and is said to be tender. (You know my mouth is watering as I write this...)

Another of the steaks is Bacon Wrapped Sirloin Fillet. This has been on previous feature menus at Golden Corral and it was good when I tried it in the past.

The last of the steak additions, but not the last of the beef features, is Peppercorn London Broil. London Broil is a slicing steak and Golden Corral is serving it covered in their own peppercorn sauce.

Smoked Brisket is another beef feature on this special. Smoked Brisket is a barbecue restaurant's mainstay and here it is added to this great beef assortment. Here the meat is smoked and then grilled on an open flame. Golden Corral is then covering the meat with their own special sauce.

The last of the beef additions on this special is Timberline Chili. Golden Corral says that this chili is specially seasoned and is "packed with lots of meat". Chili makes a nice addition to a beef special.

Of course they have to add a bit more too. There is Grilled Pineapple with Cinnamon. They are grilling a whole pineapple on the flame broiler and slicing it for you at the carving station. And if you have not put fear into your arteries yet, you can also have Smokey Cheese Potato Bake on the side. Potatoes, cheese, peppers, and bacon - oh yes...

This Beef lover's Celebration Special is being served every day after 4:00 pm and on Sundays after 11:00 am. It is not offered at all Golden Corral locations so if you are planning to go, call the restaurant first and make sure that you will find it there when you get there. As is true for all Golden Corral specials this is for a limited time - and that time is not made known in advance. So before it is too late - go and enjoy!


mario said...

I was so disappointed when golden coral left long island, it is so much better than ocb

Lonni said...

I agree. No more ocb/LI since those kids keep puttin there fingrs and who knos what else in the spaghetti trays. I'll go, but the family says no.

Rick said...

Hi Robert,
Found your site during a search. Have enjoyed your reviews of some of the buffets in my area (Thurmont, MD). The wife and I go to Lancaster occasionally for some R&R and outlet shopping. Lately, we've been staying overnight (Saturday night) at the lovely Eden Resort. Inside this hotel is a Sunday Brunch Mimosa Buffet at Arthur's Terrace. Our first time there, we failed to make reservations and were turned away at the door. The next time we went, with reservations made, It did not disappoint...and the Mimosas were unlimited. Here is a link: