Friday, April 15, 2011

Seafood is the New Feature at Golden Corral

Just when I thought that I might get a chance to try to the steak feature at Golden Corral, their feature menu has now changed to seafood. That is the way it is with featured menus - don't delay because a new one will be coming soon. But the important thing is that a new feature menu does come at Golden Corral. They are one of the last chains to vary their buffet with limited time features of dishes that are new.

Seafood is done well at Golden Corral. I always enjoy their fried fish. The new feature is called Seafood Lover's Paradise. The name, itself, is inviting! And one of the things that Golden Corral is advertising with this feature is that you are getting seafood for $10! Seafood in restaurants is expensive - even a simple fried fish platter can get close to $20 in a basic restaurant. So an all you care to eat (AYCE) seafood meal for ten bucks - and one that is good, is something to advertise.

The feature adds a few new seafood items to the buffet. One of the new items is grilled jalapeno glazed talapia. This is a spicy grilled fish dish. Another of the new items is sweet pecan breaded talapia. Talapia fillets are breaded in a crunchy mix of bread crumbs with a bit of heat. They are topped when served with pecan pieces.

Included in the feature also are Seafood Newberg with puff pastry. Like a pot pie, a puff pastry crust is placed over a mixture of seafood in a cheese sauce. There is seafood salad - a regular on the buffet. There is salt and pepper flounder - deep fried flounder fillets. (I have had those in the past and they are good!) Add on to the buffet New England Calm Chowder and hush puppies (fried corn meal dumplings) and you have the new Seafood Lover's Paradise.

I have not been to Golden Corral to try the new dishes added to this feature. I have had some of the dishes that are included that have been around before. I like Golden Corral's cooking so I am pretty sure that this feature is worth a try.

Allow me to talk a moment about the fish, talapia. There is nothing wrong with it. I like the taste and I have had it many time. It is important to note that farm raised talapia, which is most of the talapia that is served, does not have the Omega-3 health factors that we are told fish has. In fact it does just the opposite and takes the benefit away from what you may gain from the other fish. This is not everyone's concern but if you think eating a lot of talapia is heart-healthy - well, it isn't. I will not go into this in detail - Google talapia to see for yourself. This would not stop me from eating it - but do be aware of this.

I am hoping that I will get to a Golden Corral before this feature ends. How likely that is I am not sure as there are none near me and require travel of a couple of hundred miles. BUT - if you have one near by, try it and let us know how the Seafood Lover's Paradise is!

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Writer said...

I just received a little insider info from one of our readers. Seafood special ends next week and BABY BACK RIBS start!