Friday, July 22, 2011

OCB has a Feature!

Old Country Buffet rarely has featured menus any longer. They used to have them a lot but that stopped several years ago. They have just started a feature - "Shrimp - Five Ways!" Oh yes, I supposed to compete with Golden Corral's Pan Seared Seafood feature, OCB had brought back their worst feature selection - "shrimp, shrimp, shrimp".

I like shrimp. I eat a lot of shrimp. But what is the big deal about a feature that puts the usual buffet shrimp out and call it a feature. This feature offers popcorn shrimp, butterfly shrimp, shrimp scampi over pasta, and two new shrimp dishes coconut shrimp and buffalo shrimp. OCB has no mention of this feature on their website or their Facebook page, but there was a big sign at the restaurant and they did send out an email about it.

The popcorn shrimp, the shrimp scampi, and the butterfly shrimp are regularly on the OCB buffet. The buffalo shrimp is just like the regularly served buffalo chicken poppers which is a buffalo wings bread coating this time on fried shrimp. If you like spicy then you will like this. If you like fried shrimp then you will like the butterfly shrimp. The popcorn shrimp is mostly breading. The coconut shrimp was interesting but it just was a coconut flavored batter on fried shrimp. There were no bits of coconut. It tasted like eating fried shrimp with a coconut cookie at the same time. All of the featured shrimp is fried with the exception of the scampi which is in a heavy butter (or butter-like) sauce with garlic.

In the past OCB had great features. The best would come out each summer and be around for July and August. It was a barbecue feature and it had real good, fall off the bone BBQ baby back ribs, beef brisket, their well known and no longer to be found beef ribs, and smoked sausage. This was their best feature. They don't bring it back any longer. Pity.

If you love shrimp, there are probably better buffets to go to. I can think of several Asian buffets that offer so much better shrimp dishes. If you are going to OCB and you like shrimp, then you will probably be happy with this new feature.

The feature is only with dinner and will be there for an undisclosed limited time.

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