Friday, January 25, 2013

Family Cupboard Restaurant in Bird in Hand, PA to CLOSE

I am interrupting the series of articles on Top Buffets to announce that the Family Cupboard Restaurant in Bird in Hand, Pennsylvania will close its doors permanently on February 2, 2013. This is very sad news. I previously reported that the owner of the restaurant put the business up for sale in hopes that someone would carry it on as it has been. Evidently no buyer has been found and to make matters worse, key employees including the general manager have found other employment (which is understandable) plus the key evening buffet chef has been in and out of the hospital and needs time for recovery. John Dienner reports that there is on way to continue to remain open and provide the quality and service that this restaurant has been known for and will shut the doors on February 2nd. 

We have had many, many good meals at Family Cupboard - both at this location and at their original location. I have always liked the very friendly and family feeling that you got when you are in this restaurant. Their rotisserie chicken and their chicken corn soup were exceptional. I know that many of my readers have told me over the years that they too enjoyed every meal here.

We are so sorry to see this restaurant go, but we wish every employee and John Dienner (the owner) all of our best.  This was one of my wife's favorite buffets. As I had written in the article in November, John Dienner will continue in the family restaurant business at his parents' restaurant and buffet, Dienner's on Route 30. John invites all of us to come there and ask for him to say hello.

The restaurant continues to be up for sale. If it sells, there is no way to know if the business will reopen in any way similar to what it has been or if there will be a buffet there - and how good it will be.  Dienner's on Route 30 is a good restaurant/buffet and I still hope that with John Dienner there, they will extend their closing time from 6 pm on every day open except Friday which is 8 pm to 8 pm for every night. I will certainly be going there more often if they do.

Farewell to Family Cupboard!

Our series on Top Buffets of 2012 will continue tonight at the usual time our articles appear on Friday nights.

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