Friday, March 01, 2013

The BEST Server

This is not a new award from this site but it is special recognition for the best server - the person who takes care of you at your table - at any buffet that I have ever been to, and that includes a lot of buffets over many years. Her name is Lisa and she works at the Old Country Buffet in Bay Shore, New York. As I have heard, she has worked at this Old Country Buffet since it first opened many, many years ago - and she is still working there. She is one of the most dedicated workers that I have ever seen at any job - not just in a restaurant, but anywhere!

She is constantly on the go making sure that the tables in her section are taken care of. In this job that includes taking away plates and making sure that when a table is empty, it is cleaned and ready for the next guests. We have seen her at work for a number of years and she never seems to falter in what she does. She is always there when plates need picking up and she does so with a smile and welcoming remarks to the guests at her tables.

She has gone beyond what other servers in this restaurant and others do by carrying a spray bottle of cleaner with her all of the time in a special belt holster that she, personally, had made for this purpose. Where other servers here are just carrying around a wet cloth to clean tables, she is sanitizing the table - and the chairs - with the cleaner and then wiping them dry.

She never seems to slow down, and we have watched her work when she has been dealing with physical problems and injuries without missing a step. Currently, she is battling cancer and in this extreme circumstance she continues working, still with a smile and pleasant demeanor and still with all of the energy that she can muster.

As I say, we have seen a lot of good servers at various restaurants and, not just, buffets, but no one has been as impressive as Lisa. She is the BEST server anywhere. Old Country Buffet is very fortunate to have an employee like this.

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