Friday, March 28, 2014

Return to the Levittown OCB, Levittown, New York

A few weeks ago when the weather was still bad, we decided that we wanted to go to OCB and we did not want to take the drive out to the east to the other Long Island Old Country Buffet. After the last experience we were reluctant but with some improvements that we saw on that visit we decided to give it another try.

Things were better. For one thing, when we went in there were clean tables. During our meal the young man responsible for our table - there were still too few table people for the size of this restaurant - was attentive and did come and clear the dishes regularly. At OCB, that is all the table people have to do. You get your own soda, soft drink, coffee, or tea so you do not have to rely on a server to come if you want a refill of your drink.

They also did a better job keeping the food out on the buffet. While there were a few times during the night that there was more than one of the same thing out - and they still have this idea that it is OK to replace an entree/meat dish with a vegetable side dish - they actually did come later on and take away one of those duplicate (triplicate) vegetables and put out a tray of smoked sausage - which is a favorite of mine and rarely seen any more at the OCB's here on Long Island.

Oddly, I was somewhat hoping for the charred overdone steak. The steak was well done but not crispy as it had been. (If I can't have it rare or medium rare, I would rather have it incinerated rather than grey.)

The floors were slightly cleaner - though it was clear that this was not through any employee's efforts but that there had been less spilled on the floors under the tables - it was a cold weeknight and while busy it was not crowded.

I had to write this article and not just make a footnote on a past article to give credit to this OCB for its progress in improving. There is a lot more to go but it seems that the change in management and new employees have made a noticeable difference. Keep it up and this will be an OCB worth going to which is something it has not been (not sure it ever was) for a very long time.

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