Friday, July 11, 2014

This Alternating Weeks Schedule

As you know if you have been reading along for the past several weeks, I am posting articles to this site on alternating weeks. Travel is difficult and there are few buffets locally other than Asian buffets. When I can travel, I do and look for new places or places that I have been to long past or places that I try to get to when I am in an area that are old favorites that can be updated since last visits. It would be nice if there were buffet restaurants everywhere - again other than Asian buffets, I find that there are not - and I find more an more that there are even fewer new buffets - at least within my range of travel.

I have been feeling uncomfortable about this alternating weeks schedule. I have new articles coming but I find I am writing articles today that will not appear until September. For the most part the articles are not time critical and this new schedule will keep articles appearing through the non-travel season. I guess I need to just say all of this and keep on going.

I can assure you that there will be new articles every other week and these will keep on coming. We are just back from one trip and have more coming. Each trip brings more buffet experiences. For the time being we shall keep with this schedule. There will be a new article next week to continue the schedule. This little piece that you are reading now is not taking the place of a regular article and has been fit in between article weeks.

If you know of buffets, email me through the contact link at the side and tell me where they are and what you thought of it when you went there. If it is someplace that I can get to, I will try to go there. If I can research it and have enough to share that way, I will do that too.