Tuesday, December 06, 2016

OCB's New Thing Is Take Out Family Holiday Dinners

It seems like Old Country Buffet is trying something new. You could always go in and take out a Styrofoam container of items you selected yourself from the buffet. Now OCB is trying to get you to come in and buy an entire holiday dinner of your family. With the few locations left, they will try anything...

If it keeps the remaining locations open - it is OK with me!

I would rather have it dining in at an OCB! I always enjoyed holiday dinners at OCB. At one of the local OCBs (there used to be two) there was always a very festive holiday feeling dining at the restaurant on a holiday which was a result of good management, a staff who did not appear to be disgruntled about working on a holiday, and the people who were there with their families to have an nice time!


This promotion is also being offered - same photo - by Furr's Fresh Buffet, a small chain of buffets located in the Southwest US and owned by OCB's new owners, Food Management Partners - from before they bought OCB and the rest of the OCB related buffets. This chain's Facebook page and website shows all recent promotions that have been offered by OCB, Ryan's, and Hometown since the takeover. Evidently Furr's has been rolled into the OCB mix. Furr's Fresh Buffet menus are not like OCB's offerings. The entrees look much better and are better in variety. Furr's website is www.furrs.net .


songbird's crazy world said...

slightly off topic, but...there's a sign on what used to be the OCB in Levittown, it says "buffet coming", do you have any clues about what's coming?

Writer said...

No. That sign has been there for about four months or so. There has been a sign added since it went up about a building permit, but nothing on any gives any clues. We are hoping for an American buffet with a similar to OCB menu. What we don't need is another Asian buffet with the one right across the street. Golden Corral has put out OCB locations that they are taking over. There has been no mention of one on Long Island.