Saturday, March 25, 2017

OCB Levittown Former Location News

We drove past the former location of Old Country Buffet in Levittown, New York today and there is a change. There is now a sign on the side of the building - and soon to be one on the front of the building. The sign says, "GLOBAL BUFFET".

I have tried to find out about what Global Buffet might be. From the name, I say that this is ANOTHER not needed, Asian buffet which will be in direct competition from another large Asian buffet directly across the street. I have found a Global Buffet that WAS in Oswego, New York. This has closed.  It was a Chinese/Asian buffet with mixed reviews that tended toward the negative - and since it has gone out of business, evidently those who though poorly of it were correct. The other is a chain of buffets in Great Britain - though this is named "JRC Global Buffet". These seem to actually be a combination of world foods including American, British, French, Asian, Thai, Brazilian, and more. That would have possibilities but I doubt that this is what this Global Buffet will be - and their website talks about making reservations SO unless that is something that Eurpeans just expect to be able to do, it will not go over well here with the usual buffet dining crowd.

So now we wait and see. It will not likely be long until we know. This does put to rest any idea that Golden Corral was coming here.  I would so much like to see an American buffet or an actual "international" buffet open that is not Asian based. There are enough Asian buffets near by - and the affordable ones all seem to serve the same things. I have been looking forward to a buffet coming with things like meatloaf, carved turkey, steak - maybe, roast beef, real ribs - maybe, fried chicken... Well, I am not so hopeful anymore.

If I can learn more, I will be back with another article.


PAUL D said...

Even before it opens I am certain that it will be better than Chen's Buffet across the street. Chen's is horrendous at best. Probably will close shortly after Global opens.

Writer said...

Paul - you are right. Chens is not what it was when it first opened. But even so, we need a good, non-Asian buffet somewhere on LI - and it does not look like Golden Corral will consider coming here any time soon!

Writer said...

I have been able to find the owner of the coming buffet. The corporation was registered in June, 2016 as Mater Grill and Global Buffet, Inc. I have still not found any other locations or any indication of what type of buffet this will be. Their sign is now up on the front of the building as well as the side.

Anonymous said...

I tried calling the corporation that owns Golden Corral:
Corporate Headquarters
Golden Corral Corporation
5151 Glenwood Ave.
Raleigh, NC 27612
Result: This corporation seems to be waiting for someone (who can afford to take the risk) to buy and operate a Golden Corral franchise(s) in our area. Barring a unlikely change in their corporations mindset - The Golden Corral Corporation is clearly not going to invest it's own money into opening a location in our area any time soon.

Writer said...

Sad to hear! They were on Long Island once - in Commack. They went out of business there - but that location was poorly run, not at all to the standards that are at other Golden Corral - and management and the employees did not seem to care about the cleanliness in the restaurant or how well the food was prepared. With that experience, Corporate may have decided that coming back here is not worth the risk.

You have answered a question that we have had - if Golden Corral is franchised. Apparently, some are - some are not.

Anonymous said...

too bad old country buffet left because that same building is in need of serious maintenance.
sorry but i like chen's buffet across the street because it has great salads and main courses. the garlic shrimp is exc!

Writer said...

Not sure what you are talking about in regard to the Levittown OCB former location. The interior of the OCB part of that building has been totally renovated for the new Global Buffet that is going to open there. The most recent update is that there is now a banner sign across the front of the building saying that Global Buffet and Grill is opening soon. We are still hoping that this will not be another Asian buffet but an American - or truly global - replacement for the gap left by OCB.

Unknown said...

When does it open in levitown

Writer said...

There is no opening date listed anywhere. The banner on the front wall just says "...Coming Soon"!